The LOCTUDY boat is a major asset for boosting your sales of shellfish, fishes, crustaceans and canned seafood by giving your special offers a dramatic setting.

This boat is equipped with a removable deck, which covers a tank equipped with a drain plug to collect run-off water, ice melt and shellfish exudates.

Since 2021, this boat has had a reinforced support base, an assurance of hand-made quality. This base can even be fitted with a rubber strip around the perimeter to protect it from the impact of trolley wheels.

With its solidity and simplicity of manufacture, the LOCTUDY boat can be cleaned simply by wiping down with a sponge.

Technical Features
  • Drain plug
  • Peripheral protection
  • Stainless steel castors
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in several colours
  • Logo
  • Flag with your logo
  • A base with rubber strip