Our history

Located in Brittany, in the heart of one of the leading French fishing regions,

OCEMER has specialised since 1985 in the manufacture of life systems for crustacean, storage facilities for shellfish and crustaceans for super and hypermarkets, independent fishmongers, restaurants and professionals in the marketing of seafood products (wholesalers, auctions,…).

At the same time, OCEMER makes polyester tanks for the aquaculture industry.

OCEMER also markets a range of seafood display tables and furniture, mainly in the form of barques on wheels, dedicated to the marketing of fresh or packaged seafood products.

After starting the business in 1979 with the traditional manufacture of a lobster tank, Mr. and Mrs. Jouanny created OCEMER in 1985 and expanded the range of products offered. Managed by its creators since its launch, the business was taken over in January 2008 by its current manager Thierry GAGNERE.

Leaving its historical home in the coastal town of Carantec, OCEMER moved to new premises in January 2016 in a area of activity on the edge of the motorway on the outskirts of Morlaix.

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